About Us


 Our organization encourages all motorcyclists to become politically aware, to become involved in the legislative process by registering to vote, actively corresponding with their legislators on important issues and volunteering to assist individuals running for elective office who support their views and concerns. 


 The Concerned Bikers Association is YOUR State Motorcyclists Rights Organization.  If you love to ride and care about your freedom and safety on the road, then you are invited to join us.  We are a statewide grassroots political organization that fights for the rights of all motorcyclists.  We work to promote fair motorcycle legislation, to prevent and repeal unfair legislation, and to eliminate prejudicial and discriminatory practices against motorcyclists.  We also have a Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Program, which we teach in Driver Education Classes around the state to promote accident prevention. 


 Get involved, be a part of the solution - Freedom is NOT a spectator sport!