About Us

 Thinking of joining us? Good. 

We rely on every member we have. Whether you can donate your time, your passion, or your talent.  Anything you can do to help makes a difference. Our fight for our rights is your fight too! Our members have joined forces to put an end to discriminatory legislation, to educate and to protect the freedom and safety of all, both riders and non-riders alike. We do this not only to benefit us, but also to promote a better image of motorcyclists in general. ABATE stands for many things, but most of all, it stands for FREEDOM!

Included with an ABATE membership are a membership card, state newsletter, and free accidental death/dismemberment insurance policy . There are no special requirements for joining aside from an interest in promoting motorcyclists' rights, safety and positive image.

Everyone is welcome.  Our common bond is that we are all passionate about motorcycling. It’s not WHAT you ride, it is THAT you ride that is important. 

To join, simply visit our state website at: